Parking Lot Lighting Case Study - Oneida Tower

Here is a parking lot lighting project for a Wolf Lighting customer, Oneida Tower, who operates a large office building in Denver. The customer wanted to reduce the amount of energy they used on their parking lot lighting and to get a set-up that would require less maintenance, so they asked us for a recommendation. At the time they were using (10) 1000W metal halide pole lights to illuminate their parking lot. We recommended using 300W LED fixtures to replace their existing 1000W fixtures.

As you can see, not only is the parking lot much brighter, but they are also saving more than $2,500.00 every year in energy usage, more than $700.00 per year in maintenance costs AND they received a rebate from Xcel Energy of $2800.00. The recommended changes will also produce a significant reduction in in greenhouse gas emissions.

parking lot lightsparking lot lightsparking lot lights


Replace 1000 Watt (1075 total fixture Wattage) metal halide pole-mounted shoe box fixtures with new 300W LED area fixtures.

Products And Services

 300W, 5000K LED area fixture (480v) x10 $7,166.00
Remove (10) existing 1000W MH shoebox fixturesand replace w/ (10) new 300W LED area fixtures $1,700.00
Net Cost $8,866.00
Tax $598.00
Xcel Energy Rebate $2,800.00
Total Cost $6,664.00

10 Year Projected Cost Savings

Xcel Energy Rebate $2,800.00
Energy Savings/Reduced KW Usage $25,459.00
Material Savings - Lamps $2,058.00
Material Savings - Ballasts $1,381.00
Combined Labor Savings $3,750.00
Total Projected Savings $35,448.00
10-Year Net Cost (Savings) $28,783.00

Projected Reduction in Greenhouse Gases (Equivalencies)

The projected energy savings information entered above is equivalent to ONE of the following items:

10 Years
Metric Tons of CO2 22 220
Passenger Vehicles 4 40
Gallons of Gas Consumed 2,498 24,980
Barrels of Oil Consumed 51 512
Tanker Tracks of Gasoline 0 3
Homes Heated 3 29
Railcars of Coal 0 1


For more detailed information on this parking lot lighting project, click here.

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