What a Difference Lighting Makes


The photography booth at Audi Flatirons had a big problem.  The dull photo booth lighting could not showcase the unrivaled design and innovative technology that defines the Audi.  Understandably, Audi Flatirons was unhappy with the amount of light they initially had in the booth because it failed to show off the car, capture the attention of drivers and translate it's splendor in photography.

Commercial display lighting should never be underestimated.  Professionally lighting up your products, displays and place of business can be the difference between success and failure. 

Looking for a solution, Audi Flatirons called Wolf Lighting and asked us what we would recommend.  We did the complete design of the new  improved lighting for the photo booth, including a new mounting bracket to better position the fixtures for the photographer.  Take a look at the difference lighting makes.

Some commented that the contrast from the lighting upgrade is "unbelievable".  Of the new photo booth display lighting someone else commented, "Oh wow...that looks fantastic!"

Do you have a lighting situation that's looking pretty glum.  You may have waited so long fix it you can't even imagine a brighter future.  Let us show you the difference.  Lighting should exceed your expectation of reliability and transform your space. Whatever your illumination needs, contact Wolf Lighting today or call (303) 589-6999.

We offer commercial lighting solutions for Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.


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